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sahil_videology 128 days ago link

non annoying way of displaying a mind map in 3D.

"sometimes have trouble with situations where idea A and idea B are related, but are situated at two completely ends of a mind map"Freemind has an arrow that can jump branches. Also you can drag A to B, flip a branch up, down, to either side, etc. No such thing as opposite ends. Also I think you can hyperlink A to B.

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Cool that you agree. Are your projects structured similarly?

That the plan.

ebiester 129 days ago link

"Thought" might be a better term than "ideas". If you check Twitter, you see people write down all kind of thoughts and information. In reality, you would say "Dinosaurs existed" (past and "There will be an hurricane tomorrow" (future). I should be able Nike Air Presto Mid to click on "Metallica" and get more information about them. I should be able to click on "event" and see where and when it takes place. I should be able to click on "car" and see exactly what car he referring to. You see "It rainy (here)". If you don know what Bitcoin is, you might see "John Doe is interested in [insert a short summary about what Bitcoin is]". If you metallica, you probably see "3723 people want to see you in Barcelona". But people shouldn limit what they think to 140 characters either. They should be able to express complex ideas such as (a product review): "iphone" > "Do you mean iPhone 5S ." > Yes

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For those of you who develop using

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"display" > "Are you referring to the display of the iPhone ." > Yes

time. In large organizations it difficult to communicate requirements Air Presto Size M

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It called Emacs. :)More seriously, what would this IDE have in it?Have you seen Scrivener? That what many of my friends both in academia and in fiction use. So this might mean dispensing with two dimensional mind maps entirely, but I struggle to imagine a Air Presto With Jeans

Nike Air Presto Mid

Nike Air Presto Mid

and development milestones if this correspondence isn clearly drawn. An executive that manages user experience (UX) may not understand why technology X is in the vehicle and what it gives them. In this RTL schematic, the designer can show a box such as CPU Design The black box can be double clicked to show black boxes that make up CPU Design such as Instruction Memory, Data Memory, a program counter, an ALU, etc. The user model can be the top level box A manager can double click the black box to see which features create the use case. The manager can further double click the feature set to see which functional objectives create the features, etc. This kind of tool can be used for clearly communicating scope and even aid estimation of timelines because it shows all the complexity.


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Dwolb 129 days ago link

When I worked in the defense industry doing development using the waterfall software process methodology, we did stuff that fit the V model. We used DOORS Excel for requirements tracking, wrote long design documents, and had a QA person who wrote lots of HTML test documentation with clearly defined acceptance test procedures. I wouldn have to spend hours making status updates in powerpoint for every type of audience in the corporation.

An IDE for ideas. They exchange ideas, express wishes, share their feelings. It time to break the speech metaphor and develop a completely new way to communicate. Intellisense for thoughts. In fact, the user models can sometimes be captured in Microsoft Word whereas the technical specifications can be captured in DOORs. Also, the use case is not clearly delineated to a performance specification 100% of the Nike Presto Woven

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Too Dim > YesAs you can see above, it not easy to express complex interactions with text. But the idea is that you can input any keyword representing a "thing" (object, attribute, value), and continue adding nodes by searching for them with keywords until you have the elements you want to refer to. Then, you can drag relations between them and see suggestions based on likeliness and what not. By being able to refer to specific aspects of a product, see what others have said and confirm their statement (upvote as well as build on top of it is probably a better way to converge meaning than to ask potential buyers to read through all of them manually. I find this very very difficult with current search tools.

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