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Meanwhile, councillors Sarah Doucette and Joe Mihevc are urging Ford to seek help. Councillor Doucette told the Star although she hasn personally seen the mayor intoxicated, it been known around city hall for a while that the Mayor may have a problem.680News political affairs specialist John Stall spoke with Toronto Councillor Joe Mihevc on Wednesday morning:

However, Councillor Ainslie confirmed to the Toronto Star that he issued an e mail to committee members explaining that after being approached Nike Presto Knit

The Mayor is the best thing to happen to the Toronto tax payer in years.

Even If Ford decides to have a couple of drinks, at least I feel pretty comfortable that he usually paying his own tab unlike just about every other councilor out there.

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It clear as day! If Rob Ford is an alcoholic yet he can still turn this city finances around while keeping property taxes to a minimal, eliminate future garbage service disruptions, eliminate "jobs for life" deals that the private sector does not have, eliminate sole source contracting, and ensure future city councillors don spend $15,000 on their own away parties at OUR expense, then he continue to have my vote. If the man does have a drinking problem and can do this and more, then what does that tell you about past administrations and existing councillors?

by at least eight people who were concerned about the Mayor state, he did go to speak with Ford and found him to be somewhat incoherent.

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[Download] (To download: Right click > Save as)

embarrassment to go around in this town and those on the left have to take some credit as well so quit whining like spoiled brats that have had their cookie jar taken away and start focusing on building this city instead of tearing down its leaders.

TORONTO Some members of the Garrison Ball organizing committee issued a signed statement Tuesday night, saying that to their knowledge, none of them asked Mayor Rob Ford to leave the military charity event.

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Ford not asked to leave military event

I voted for the best political platform that fitted my vision of Toronto. If it comes with personal baggage, so be it, as long as it produces the results it intended to do.

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As for the attacks on Mr. Ford, it shows us the brutality of the left in this town whom have taken it upon themselves to be the moral compass for all of us. In their minds, if they can't beat the man on his election platform and the results he's getting, then they'll just beat down the man himselfor take him to court over a technicality to usurp the man from his democratically elected position.

Military Event, which is less than 50%, which it shows that Ford is scrambling to redeem himself.

I was a supporter of Rob Ford, but as time has gone by, I am seeing him more as an embarrassment to this city. Some call it a witch hunt. I used to believe that. Not anymore. I see a man who fumbles with his words, who says really things. I see a man who is losing any kind of honor that he used to have. He cares? About who? About what? Fighting for the people? Too much has come out about him now. Seriously, a witch hunt???? This will be interesting to see what comes of this situation. I wonder how many friends or citizens will come forward to tell the truth????

my knowledge, no member of the event organizing committee, including Councillor Paul Ainslie, directed the Mayor to leave the event that night. of the 13 committee members signed the statement: Darrell Bricker, Lyndsey Fisk Calhoun, Maureen Harquail, Caroline Mulroney Lapham, Mark McQueen, and John Wright.

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Toronto has had Councillors that have driven drunk, used tax dollars to pay for their retirement parties, have used public funds for their own gain and the list goes on and on. That criminal and I don see the outrage directed at those criminal activities.

He then approached Ford chief of staff Mark Towhey telling him that he thought it would be a good idea for the Mayor to leave.

By looking at Rob Ford, it not hard to tell he has an over indulgence issue and I don mean to offend the guy, but it true! He not exactly on the pedestal for having a well built constitution and coming across as a person with no vices. Six out of Thirteen committee Nike Air Presto Size 4 members signed a statement saying he wasn asked to leave the Nike Presto Foot Locker

Maybe if he persevered and conquered his weight issue many moons ago and showed everyone that he can be a strong willed role model, he wouldn be dealing with nonsense allegations that discredit what he is.

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a civilian member of the volunteer organizing committee of the 2013 Toronto Garrison Ball, I can confirm that I did not ask Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto, to leave the event on February 23, 2013 for any reason, the statement said.

I don usually make rash judgments. It took me a while before I made this decision. I look at Lance Armstrong with the same reasoning. Boy, was I an idiot there routing for him to the bitter end, until finally it was admitted. With Rob Ford, I do believe what is being said about him now. As for drinking, sure, some of us have gotten drunk at parties, etc. Young is young, and being stupid went with that. In adulthood I would assume most of us have grown up to know when enough is enough. If I am wrong, I will admit I am wrong, hence with Lance Armstrong, I was VERY wrong! What I want in a mayor is someone who has common sense, honor and admits when he is wrong. Rob Ford can admit when he is wrong. Just my opinion!

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